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Ms. 苏珊娜Zmijewski Lim of 贝尔蒙特的切纳里中学 被评为2021年国家历史日年度教师

BOSTON (June 2021)—The 麻萨诸塞州 Historical Society is pleased to announce that Ms. 苏珊娜Zmijewski Lim他是温斯洛普L. 贝尔蒙特的切纳里中学, 麻萨诸塞州, won the Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Award for the junior division (grades 6-8) of the 2021 国家历史的一天 Contest. The award is sponsored by Patricia Behring in recognition of the pivotal role teachers play in the lives of students. 作为这一奖项的获得者. 林某将获得1万美元.

Each of the 58 国家历史的一天 affiliates could nominate one middle school teacher for this award, 和女士. 兹米耶夫斯基是马萨诸塞州的候选人. Ms. Zmijewski Lim has been teaching 国家历史的一天 students and teachers for 26 years. 在她的职业生涯中, she has both inspired and witnessed the powerful impact NHD has made on her students.

“苏是个非常有才华的老师, 尊敬的同事, 政府, 和学生一样,“博士说. Elyssa Tardif, Director of Education at the 麻萨诸塞州 Historical Society. “Her warmth and guidance are remembered by students years after they’ve left her classroom. 事实上, one past NHD student wrote: ‘your class as well as the whole NHD experience helped me love learning and believe in myself more.’ Sue embodies the best of what NHD teachers can offer students, and we are incredibly proud to have her representing the entire NHD 在马萨诸塞州 program.”

“Ms. Zmijewski Lim is such an important asset and advocate for her students and colleagues,“博士说. Cathy Gorn,国家历史日执行主任. “She challenges her students to embrace the full breadth of historical research and critical analysis, 她改变了生活. 我祝贺她. 我是Zmijewski Lim,感谢你获得这个奖项, and offer my thanks for her many years of dedication to teaching the valuable skills of NHD.”

Ms. Zmijewski Lim was presented this award during 国家历史的一天’s livestreamed National Contest Awards Ceremony on Saturday, 6月19日, 2021. The annual competition and ceremony took place as scheduled this year, but were conducted remotely due to COVID-19 safety measures.

Important Contest 公告 for 2022 Regional Contests

今年, as we work to rebuild and strengthen participation in NHD across the state, 我们会坚持 两场地区比赛和一场州比赛 (见 比赛的信息 详情页). 我们期望所有的比赛都将亲自举行, 为有需要的人提供住宿. 

一旦我们对参与人数有了更好的认识, we will assign schools to their particular regional contest. 2022年,我们将使用两场比赛的模式, and re-evaluate for 2023 based on participation next year. 

We plan to hold our 2022 国家历史的一天 competitions in person. 但是,如果健康指南改变的话 we are also asking students to submit their materials virtually for all five project categories 在比赛日之前. 请参阅我们的 虚拟项目页面 详情及说明.

我们将继续更新我们的 比赛的信息 with more information as the contest season approaches. 请同时下载我们的 区域2020 - 2021年的日历 对于重要的日期和比赛的最后期限.

Important NHDWebCentral Announcement for 2022 Contest Season

Over the past few years NHD Nationals has made significant changes to the NHDWebCentral website builder, 提高可用性并提供视频, 常见问题, and detailed guides for how to build a website using their platform. 然而, we know that many students who are unfamiliar with the platform still find it challenging, and we do not want the website builder to be a barrier for participation.
让NHD尽可能的无障碍, we have decided that for the 2022 regional and state contests, we will accept NHD websites created on alternative platforms such as Google or Microsoft, 只要学生使用他们的学校账号就可以. We will then offer assistance to any students heading to Nationals who need to move their website to NHDWebCentral, 全国赛唯一接受的站台是哪个.

请访问我们的 虚拟项目指南 page for details of using an alternative website builder for the 2022 麻萨诸塞州 competitions. If you have any questions about student websites, please email us at


2021年秋季的老师 & 学生在线研讨会

今年秋天, 国家历史的一天 in MA will be partnering with our New England neighbors to offer a series of webinars to NHD teachers and students. 对任何想加入的人都是自由开放的, these workshops will take place from 4-5 PM on the following dates:

A yellow and red poster with an image of the New England states and a Save the Date announcement for the webinars listed on this page

10月6日:介绍和主题. 新NHD或想要刷新? Interested in brainstorming ideas for this year's theme? 加入我们来聊聊NHD吧! 学生和老师欢迎. 注册在这里

11月1日:浏览NHDWebCentral. Join Alaina McNaughton from 国家历史的一天 for a walk-through of how to build a website in NHDWebCentral, 国家历史日官方网站建设者! 本次网络研讨会面向全体师生开放. 注册在这里.

11月10日:当地历史资源. Learn how to find local topics and resources in your own backyard! 登记稍后通知

12月1日:历史论证. 怎样写好论文? What makes a strong historical argument throughout a project? 我们将练习这些话题和更多内容! 推迟:1月26日

12月15日: Primary Sources, Annotated Bibliographies, and Student Voice. 我们将练习第一手资料分析, discuss how to approach wide research in an annotated bibliography, and explore techniques for highlighting your own student voice in your project. 注册在这里.

Check back soon, we will be adding more sessions as the year continues!

NHD MA虚拟聊天

今年NHD MA将提供一个 虚拟聊天 学生和教师! Get your questions answered by MA coordinators or experienced NHD teachers in our virtual chat sessions. 
These sessions will take place every other Thursday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 PM. 随时来坐坐 during the hour-long chat to ask your questions or brainstorm ideas with a NHD mentor. 以下是即将举行的第一届会议:
  • 星期四9月9日,下午3:30-4:30
  • 星期四9/23,下午3:30-4:30
  • 星期四10/7,下午3:30-4:30
  • 星期四10/21,下午3:30-4:30
  • 周四11/4,下午3:30-4:30



NHD MA Coordinators Kate and Elyssa are ready to join you in your classroom!  We are offering free class presentations to any interested teachers.  过去的虚拟课堂主题包括:

  • 为什么NHD是可怕的:启动你的计划
  • 区域的主题 & 选择一个主题
  • 进行研究(初级vs. Secondary Sources, Finding Sources Online, how to assess if a source is credible, etc.)
  • NHD规则和规则
  • 五类项目指南
  • 还有更多(我们接受请求!)

If you're interested in having us visit your classroom and work with your students, email us at 我们将讨论细节.  我们期待在极速上见到你!